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Wellness Exams

We always put our focus on our patients needs.  We want you to find comfort that our assessments perfectly suit your needs, which is why we offer comprehensive consulting services to help you make an informed decision. Our comprehensive exams include full laboratory services to include, CBC, CMP, Full Lipid Panel, Thyroid Panels & Vitamin D Levels.  We also provide onsite Chest X-rays and EKGs.  

We perform the Annual Medicare Wellness examination as well as the Medicaid introductory exam.




Sports & Work Physicals

We provide comprehensive sports physicals for all levels of athletes.  We provide pre-employment physicals, pre-operative physicals and surgical clearances.  We would like to ensure you are capable of full participation and fit for your occupation.  Before beginning a workout regimen, we want to make sure you are ready to participate in a new exercise program.  We provide professional advice before you begin activities.  We are also there to help you during your program and afterwards, serving as reliable support in the event there is an injury.

Occupational Medicine

Atlanta West Primary Care and Dr. M.J. Collier offer Workman's Compensation Medical services. We treat acute injuries and have on-site X-ray capabilities. We provide urgent care and long-term injury and disease management. Our Doctor's have many years of experience in their area of specialty and enjoy sharing their expert knowledge with their Patients.  We have professional relationships with various Medical Specialists ranging from Chiropractors, Neurologists, Surgeons , ENT, Orthopedists, Ophthalmologist and Podiatrists.  


Everything we do centers on providing services of the highest level of quality. We won’t stop until you’re satisfied and pleased with your experience at our office.


We pride ourselves on our efficient procedures and solutions, but we continually strive for improvement in order to deliver results more effectively.

Fair Prices

Satisfying customers is our top priority. That’s why we believe in offering fair and transparent prices with no hidden fees or extra charges for cash pay patients.